The Dictionary of Negative Space (DoNS) holds space for the words that the English language lacks for grief, trauma, and repair.

Much like grief itself, this unusual dictionary manifests in a variety of unexpected iterations including but not limited to, cemetery tours, knitting patterns, and public exhibitions/performances.  It has been featured in an I-ARE residency at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA; in exhibitions in New York, Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Louisiana, Massachusetts and S.Korea; conferences in S.Korea, England and the US; as well as in collaborations with Monkeyhouse, Nicole Harris, and Scott McPheeters. DoNS offers tools for mourners grappling with complicated grief and has become even more relevant as the COVID 19 pandemic has rewritten rules about death, dying, and mourning. lt was inspired by my experiences after a car crash killed my mother, father & brother in 2012.

Yes, you can still buy copies of Dictionary of Negative Space Vol 1!

Link to buy here (takes you to the Lulu site)

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