karen holds up a blue hand-stiched t-shirt with a reverse appliqué of and eagle emblazoned on the front.

My mom used to say that I would talk to a stump if it would sit still long enough. Is anyone surprised that I enjoy being interviewed for podcasts?

Hi-Phi Nation – Memorials by Tamar Avishai December 2021 – Full Episode

Person Place Thing – 358: karen Krolak by Randy Cohen w/intro by Ralph Farris July 3 2021 – Full Episode

Supper Club Vol 2. – The Dictionary of Negative Space w/karen Krolak by Rosie Steinberg – Full Episode

Culture Matters in Malden – Choreographing Community by Papi Xampeux and Ose Schwab May 6, 2020 – Full Episode

Mementos – A T-shirt Hug from Dad by Lori Mortimer October 28, 2019 – Full Episode

Radio Boston – Exploring Art Through Walking Dogs by Andrea Shea August 22, 2015 – Full Episode

“To experience art does not mean to contemplate an immutable exquisite object, but to cultivate a relationship, says this dancer/choreographer. ‘It’s similar to what you get from long-term friendships or marriage or family.’ Maybe not my family, but I see what she means. Introduced by Ralph Farris, violist in the quartet Ethel, and creator of Co-Lab, a virtual conference on collaboration. He and she have teamed up delightfully.”

Randy Cohen, Person Place Thing

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