Nicole Harris and karen Krolak are sitting next to each other in a dance studio talking about ideas for a movement phrase

Nicole Harris

“My first professional performance took place in Philadelphia, PA after being captured and transported to the City of Brotherly Love wearing a tutu, striped tights and orange pixie wig in a car fondly dubbed “The Deathtrap 2000″ by one K. Krolak.  Fifteen years, countless performances and several deathtraps later, I find myself co-piloting Monkeyhouse alongside the woman who has been described as my mentor, collaborator and partner in crime.

It’s rare to find someone who truly understands that none of us can create (or live) in a vacuum.  No matter what stage you are in, we all need a community to help us thrive.  Whether Karen is helping you bring your idea to life, pushing you out of your comfort zone so you learn and accomplish things you never thought possible or providing you with a list of resources and connections longer than your arm, Karen is completely selfless and supportive every step of your journey together.  And trust me – that journey is going to take you places you never imagined…”

Nicole Harris, Monkeyhouse Co-Founder and Engagement Director

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