karen Krolak is walking in the woods under and enormous sculptural umbrella with long crocheted tendrils hanging from it. Pieces of paper are tied to the tendrils.

I am so grateful to the arts writers who cover my work. Thank you for your tireless efforts in spite of budget cuts and shuttered media outlets. Here is a selection of some recent articles and a few older favorites.

Dance Plug – Professional Development Resources for Dancers: Learning and Growing Together – December 12, 2022 Full Article

Sierra Nevada MFA-IA blog – MFA-IA Alumna karen Krolak March 24, 2022 Full Article

Dance Informa – Dance That Thinks Globally Acts Locally Nachmo Boston February 22, 2022 Full Article

Boston Globe – Luminarium’s ‘Contradictions + Casual Self Loathing’ turns women’s discomfort into dance by Dana Gerber November 3, 2021 Full Article

Wonderland – Green Street Dance Studios To Shut Down Due To ‘Significant Rent Increase’ by Greg Cook October 2, 2019 – Full Article

Harvard Crimson – Karen Krolak and Nicole Harris Redefine Choreography Through Performance In Hapgood Wright Town Forest by Joseph P Kelly October 29, 2019 – Full Article

Feels Blind Literary – Editor’s Letter by Lindsay A. Chudzik Fall 2019 – Full Article

Living Concord – Participatory Performances with Monkeyhouse (Karen Krolak & Nicole Harris) October 13, 2019 – Full Article

The Dance Complex Blog – I-ARE Artist Spotlight | Karen Krolak and DeAnna Pellecchia by Kiersten Resch April 3, 2019 – Full Article

The Dance Complex Blog – I-ARE Artist Spotlight | Karen Krolak by Kiersten Resch March 26, 2019 – Full Article

NewCityStage – Horse Of A Different Color: A Review of The Antelope Party at Theater Wit BY Emma Couling January 19, 2018 – Full Article 

Broadway World – THE ANTELOPE PARTY at Theater Wit by Rachel Weinberg January 21, 2018  – Full Article

TheaterMania – The Antelope Party by Adelaide Lee January 22, 2018– Full Article

ChicagoOnstage.com – Bronies’ World Turned Upside Down in Overly Complex “Antelope Party” by  Karen Topham Full Article

Windy City Times – THE ANTELOPE PARTY at Theater Wit by Scott C Morgan January 24, 2018  – Full Article

Chicago Tribune – ‘The Antelope Party’: We live in a world where ‘bronies’ can be radicalized by Kerry Reid January 31, 2018 – Full Article

Everything She Wrote Luminarium Dance Company Inspires Transcendence in Face of Uncertainty by Hannah Bresnahan November 13, 2016Full Article

Boston University Center for the Humanities blog – Community Feature: Karen Krolak’s Dictionary of Negative Space May 22, 2019 – Full Article

Somerville Times – The catalyst for change by Ahmed Sorour December 20, 2017 – Full Article

Sierra Nevada University Interdisciplinary Arts Department blog – Current MFA-IA Student, Karen Krolak – “This is going to take a while to process…” June 27, 2017 – Full Article
Newton Tab – Dance’n Feet performs at Newton Festival of the Arts June 17, 2016 – Full Article

Newton Tab – Newton’s Dance’n Feet performs in Cambridge January 29, 2016 – Full Article

Arts Fuse Best in Dance of 2015 by Marcia B. Siegel December 19, 2015 – Full Article

Chronicle Transcript – Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit to show at Pingree School August 27, 2015 – Full Article

Arts Fuse Monkeyhouse and the Ties That Bind by Marcia B. Siegel October 27, 2015 – Full Article

New England Foundation for the Arts blog – Peer to Peer Presenting at APAP By Quita Sullivan March 11, 2015 – Full Article

Natick Tab – A Life Lesson in Dance by Charlie Breitrose – April 21, 2006 Full Article

Bang Group Blog – A Hard Act to Follow by David Parker July 17, 2013 Full Article

blog-o-rhythms tales of a tap dancing traveler – The Warrior by Josh Hilberman March 23, 2013 – Full Article

Boston Globe – Making Milestones that Count by Karen Campbell December 26, 2010 – Full Article

Northwestern Magazine The Upside of a Down Economy by Elizabeth Canning Blackwell- Full Article

Boston Globe – Monkeying around, luminous lakes by Denise Taylor March 31, 2005 – Full Article

Chicago Reader – Anablep & Other Oddities Monkeyhouse at Link’s Hall by Kelly Kleiman September 26, 2002 – Full Article

Village Voice – Hot!Hot!Hot! by Eva Yaa Asantewaa August 27, 2002 – Full Article

karen is the co-founder/Artistic Director of Monkeyhouse and has been working for many years with social constructs of language and how language impacts everyone through their daily lives, specifically through moments of loss. As a performance artist, karen takes full advantage of the community atmosphere The Dance Complex provides in the creation of their I-ARE projects.

Kiersten Resch 
Dance Complex Blog – Full Article 

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