People often ask me when I am going to write all these stories down. I think that I may have time for that in my early 90’s. Until then, you can check out some early attempts here:

Artsake blog – Leveraging Local Cultural Council Grants – October 2022 – Full Article

C2C Blog – Adapting to Uncertainty Series – Jessica Roseman & Nourish – August 2022 – Full Article

C2C Blog – Adapting to Uncertainty Series Kimberleigh Holman and What’s on the Line…- August 2022 – Full Article

Dance Complex Blog – Monkeyhouse Co-Artistic Director and Current aMaSSiT mentor, karen Krolak Interviews Priya Bangal – Full Article

C2C Blog – Getting to Know Sapna Govindan- June 2022 – Full Article

Art on the Trails 2021 Chapbook – _____[356] September2021 – Purchase Here

Feels Blind Literary – Slippers to Soothe YourEmergency Room Waiting Blues Fall 2019 – Full Article

Piney Wood Atlas Volume III The Midwest – Unexpected Artist Residency in a Hospital Fall 2019 – Purchase Here

Posthuman New Media Art 2020 – Field Report on the First Year of the Dictionary of Negative Space January 2020 – Purchase Here

Dictionary of Negative Space Vol 1 Abridged Edition July 2018 – Purchase Here

Kimberleigh A Holman blog – Rethinking Q & A’s April 28, 2016 – Full Article

New England Foundation for the Arts blog – Fleur D’Orange Residency Wrap Up – Part 1 November 5, 2014 – Full Article

Center Stage USA blog – Inside the Fleur D’Orange Residency – October 13, 2014 – Full Article

Bootstrap Compost blog – Delicacies from the Dregs: the Spirit of Life, Compost and Rebirth August 30, 2013 – Full Article – Running for a Lost Brother April 15, 2008 – Full Article

“We also are thrilled to share the work of our First Annual DIY Prize Winner, a multimodal essay by karen Krolak. We knew “Slippers” was exactly what we were looking for the moment we opened her file.”

Lindsay A. Chudzik, Feels Blind Literary

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