I am a free range collaborator and an interdisciplinary based in Boston, MA. The one that people call in when they are not sure if they should chicken out of an unusual idea. I’m also a mentor at large willing to guide folks towards the uniqueness of their own creative voice. People usually recognize me by my laugh and find me in large crowds or cavernous costume closets by my barking cough. Don’t be surprised if there is something stuck in the unruly punch line of my hair.

Propose a Project

Please know that I am voraciously curious and constantly seek out opportunities to exchange information and gather new skills. I earned my MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Sierra Nevada College and received my BA in Linguistics at Northwestern University but that does not account fully for the eclectic range of skills and stories I bring to every collaboration, class, and creative adventure. Over the last few decades, I have been hired as:

  • a magical fighting chicken,
  • a door knocker for Steve Carell,
  • a technical writer for a computer science Phd thesis,
  • a choreographer for a minor motion picture that starred John Corbett in a chicken suit (Yes, chickens are a theme in my oeuvre.),
  • a costume designer for the world premiere of a play about Bronies and fascism,
  • the first official artist in residence at the Newton Cemetery,
  • a tea-monger for the Village Tea Shoppe (employee of the month over 36 times),
  • and a professional shoe blogger.

Some of my favorite collaborators include:

Gillian De Lear

Barry Duncan

Ralph Farris

Nicole Harris

Kimberleigh Holman

Anne Howarth


Scott McPheeters

Samantha Mullen

Eric John Meyer

Amelia O’Dowd

Jason Ries

Dave Wechsler

Jeremy Wechsler

Ask me to mentor.

Mentoring should help artists to explore their creative problems, clarify intentions, and overcome obstacles rather than impose aesthetic ideas or pass judgements. I have stayed up all night to work with people at Luminarium’s 24 Hour Choreofest. When COVID shut down studios, I offered to mentor aMaSSiT choreographers virtually so that they could embrace new ways of building and presenting. And thanks to Monkeyhouse’s mentoring programs, I have decades of experience helping people hone their artistic voices.

Whether you want a compassionate outside eye or an idiosyncratic collaborator, please email me kskrolak [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form below.