A series of 7 lawn signs  meander along the side of a trail in the Beals Preserve.
Pane # 3262.1 A to G created by karen Krolak in collaboration with Nicole Harris installed at Art on the Trails 2021

Summer 2021

According to their website, “Art on the Trails is a annual juried outdoor art exhibition and poetry program founded and directed by Catherine Weber, and hosted by the Southborough Open Land Foundation in Elaine and Philip Beals Preserve in Southborough, Massachusetts.” Learn more about Art on the Trails here.


Pane # 3262.1 A to G is located on a trail in Beals Preserve. Most of the path from the Red Gate trailhead is wide and relatively even, but it is still a dirt path with occasional tree roots. The site is likely accessible to many people using mobility devices or strollers, but perhaps not all. In the coming days we will add more information about accessibility options, including photos and videos of the site so visitors can come prepared.

This site is 100% dog friendly!

Things to think about before arriving:

  • ​Visiting the site involves a small amount of walking. The trail is full of art so come prepared to spend a little time admiring and adventuring!
  • There are bugs of the itchy bitey kind. You may want bug spray!
  • There is poison ivy along (but not on) the trail. Most people should be fine but our more than human friends may want to stay on the trail.
  • There are no bathrooms at or near the site. Sorry!


Special Thanks

  • Russell Holman
  • Art on the Trails
  • Catherine Weber
  • Nicole Harris
  • Jeremey Wechsler, and Luna
  • ​Kwaq​, N8d-el, and Lucy
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