“To experience art does not mean to contemplate an immutable exquisite object, but to cultivate a relationship, says this dancer/choreographer. ‘It’s similar to what you get from long-term friendships or marriage or family.’ Maybe not my family, but I see what she means. Introduced by Ralph Farris, violist in the quartet Ethel, and creator of Co-Lab, a virtual conference on collaboration. He and she have teamed up delightfully.”

Randy Cohen, Person Place Thing – Full Podcast

“Holes like these in the english language are part of what inspired the structure for Karen Krolak’s The Dictionary of Negative Space. It is honestly difficult to summarize the number of topics we touched on, so I hope you’ll just go ahead and listen to our conversation”

Rosie Steinberg February 7, 2021
Supper club – Full Podcast

All workshops will be run by artist Adria Arch with dancer and professor of mathematics at Fitchburg State University, Catherine Buell, and karen Krolak, Artistic Director/ co-founder of Monkeyhouse. FAM Curator Lisa Crossman and Executive Director of the Fitchburg Historical Society Susan Navarre will provide historical context related to Arch’s and Norcross’s artworks and the cultural references made by each.

Harvard Press – Full Article
SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

“A conversation with Artistic Director of Monkeyhouse, the innovative karen Krolak, about the power of inquiry and articulate movement to help communities find more cohesiveness and compassion. In collaboration with groups and fellow artists, Krolak masterminds caring innovations that employ movement, words, and curiosity as key ingredients. She describes her creative forays, stories, and thought process with great eloquence. One could easily hang on her every word for hours.”

Urban Media Arts – Full Podcast

In “Relaying [78]’s,” immediately after entering the forest and walking past the first Art Ramble pieces, a living woman stood holding a giant crocheted umbrella with streams of yarn hanging down around her like a giant jellyfish. This woman was Krolak, the piece’s creator.

By Joseph P. Kelly, Contributing Writer Harvard Crimson – Full Article
October 29, 2019
Photo by Olivia Moon

karen is the co-founder/Artistic Director of Monkeyhouse and has been working for many years with social constructs of language and how language impacts everyone through their daily lives, specifically through moments of loss. As a performance artist, Karen takes full advantage of the community atmosphere The Dance Complex provides in the creation of their I-ARE projects.

Kiersten Resch
Dance Complex Blog – Full Article
Mar 26, 2019
Photo by Greg Cook

“This is a massive blow to the local dance community,” Karen Krolak, co-founder and artistic director of Monkeyhouse dance company said via email. “Having lost Monkeyhouse’s artistic home when Springstep in Medford closed, I know first hand how damaging this is to small dance organizations. … We need to invest in and protect the remaining dance venues in the area.”

Greg Cook
OCTOBER 2, 2019
Wonderland – Full Article

“She showed a pocket version of her Dictionary of Negative Space. This piece brought together some of the entries from her larger project in an effort to shed light on some of the unnameable emotions and experiences raised by the opioid crisis.”

Boston University Center for the Humanities blog
Photo by Charles Osgood

As delivered by Will Allan, Shawn’s opening monologue – a terrific piece about how he tried to wear a fedora out of a conviction that he should be the kind of adult who wears a fedora — is all the more poignant and funny because he’s covered in pink tulle and fleece, sporting comically outsize “glasses” with long-lashed pony eyes. (Karen Krolak designed the delicious costumes, which stand in contrast to Joe Schermoly’s gritty set, complete with grainy images of derelict factories in the background.)

JAN 31, 2018 

“The show was followed by a talkback session with the choreographers and dancers, which seems like an odd place to start a review. However, host Karen Krolak, Artistic Director of Monkeyhouse, asked the audience two important questions that really helped frame my synthesis of the show as it while it was still gelling in my mind.”

Hannah Bresnahan
Everything She WroteFull Article
November 13, 2016

“Another poignant solo was performed by Karen Krolak during a program by Monkeyhouse at Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center. Krolak inched around the edge of a dance platform without occupying the dance space itself, all the while telling a family story that slid from learning and conquest to tragedy and resignation.”

Marcia B. Siegel
DECEMBER 19, 2015
Arts Fuse – Full Article

“The piece was essentially a monologue on how Krolak believes in conquering mountain ranges. “

Marcia B. Siegel
OCTOBER 27, 2015
Arts Fuse – Full Article

“The fights we all have within ourselves make us human.  Last night as I thumped my heartbeat to begin, I thought of Karen Krolak.  I thought about her will to live–how she carries the amazing spirit of her mother in her work and in her relationships, how she has encouraged me in limited but revelatory interactions, and in the spirit of Karen, her parents, and her brother, I beat the crap out of myself.”

Josh Hilberman
blog-o-rhythmsFull Article
tales of a tap dancing traveler

“We also are thrilled to share the work of our First Annual DIY Prize Winner, a multimodal essay by Karen Krolak. We knew “Slippers” was exactly what we were looking for the moment we opened her file.”

Feels Blind Literary –Full article

Farris will lead a series of Zoom sessions designed to explore how artists of all disciplines can continue to collaborate despite the turmoil we all currently face. Farris will be joined through the day by local, national, and international panelists Jarrett Parker (illusionist, writer and producer) and Raja Rahman (pianist, producer and educator); Dr. Ching-chu Hu (composer and educator); Heidi Rider (visual and performing artist); Kishema Malik (dancer, teacher and choreographer); Jerry Metellus (photographer and director); Layale Chaker (composer and violinist); Tracy MacDonald (producer, writer, and director); Nissa D. Tzun (multimedia artist and activist); Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate (composer and pianist); Molly McBride (producer, director and designer); Ginger Bruner (producer, performer and photographer); Demecina Beehn (cultural producer and arts administrator) and Karen Krolak (choreographer, writer and designer).

Essential. Vegas October 1, 2020 – Full Article
Photo by Mementos Podcast

“Interdisciplinary artist karen Krolak tells us about the t-shirt she hand-stitched for her father and why it’s so important that she hold on to it.”

Lori Mortimer
Oct 28, 2019
Mementos Podcast – Full Podcast

“Costume designer Karen Krolak does a great job with the characters’ streetwear, as well as the lovingly handmade pony costumes worn within the safety of the meetup group.”

Adelaide Lee
TheaterMania – Full Article
January 22, 2018
Photo by Charles Osgood

We also meet Shawn (Will Allan), who is dressed head-to-toe in a spectacular Pinkie Pie costume that’s a stunning burst of hot pink (magnificent costume work by Karen Krolak).

 by Rachel Weinberg Jan. 21, 2018  Broadway World – Full Article

“Go for the rainbows and twinkly lights, stay for the incredible specificity of performances by Mary Winn Heider and Edward Maware, not to mention the remarkable set and costume designs (Joe Schermoly and Karen Krolak, respectively).”

JANUARY 19, 2018 
New City Stage – Full Article

“[Karen] and Nicole quickly realized that by using the Sanctuary Printshop’s design on a Welcome Blanket that was not just donated but included in art exhibits in Boston, they could drastically increase awareness of both projects.”

Ahmed Sorour
December 20, 2017
Somerville Times – Full Article

On January 12, inspired in part by this quote from Karen Krolak, I moderated a panel titled Peer to Peer Presenting – an old/new way.

By Quita Sullivan
Senior Program Director, Theater, New England Foundation for the Arts

“For a few minutes, I was frozen. My mind was racing through ideas of how we might be able to craft a residency for this visionary woman that would focus less on a performance and more on sharing her ideas with large communities of people. I ran through all the times that Monkeyhouse brainstormed about how to improve the touring process when we were on the road. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Kim Holman from Luminarium to see if my idea sounded crazy. She loved it and suggested that I propose the project to the Arts at the Armory. As I hung up the phone, I felt the presence of my family alive in me; sort of like how you can sometimes feel that you are making a facial expression that you have seen on a loved one’s face. My parents relished bringing together a diverse spectrum of people to debate and exchange ideas. They regularly hosted visiting intellectuals and scientists at our family dinners. As overwhelming as it seemed to curate a residency for Fleur D’Orange in between their appearances at the Kennedy Center in D.C. and the Baryshnikov Center in New York, it would be worthwhile on a personal level to feel I was honoring the legacy of my family.”

Oct 13, 2014
karen Krolak Center Stage Bog – Full Article

“In the arts, you get so much rejection that you don’t see setbacks in the same way,” says Karen Krolak (WCAS93), a dance teacher and choreographer in Somerville, Mass. “Supporting yourself as an artist is not a linear career path. You constantly evaluate what you can take on. Every year I’ve assessed where things stand.”

by Elizabeth Canning Blackwell, Northwestern Magazine