#ArchaicOctober – While others maybe decorating their yards with spooky inflatable R2 D2’s or plotting out their sexy IRS auditor costumes, Halloween has inspired a different desire for me this year. Yes, I am going to muck around in the hallowed burial grounds of language. I am trolling the tombs of words we have lost to find some gems. If we are lucky, we may even find a few worth resuscitating.

I was the type of kid who loved libraries. I spent hundreds of happy hours wandering through encyclopedias and reading dictionaries. Trust me, I am well aware that this is not the path to popularity. I know that a cluster of five dollar words can murder conversations at cocktail parties. They can repulse even the randiest man at last call. So why not add them into our horrifying autumnal ambiance?

Follow along on Instagram @cnc_little_library or unearth some of your own oddities and join the #ArchaicOctober wickedness –

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