Sweater to Start after Stumbling down the Stairs @ CICA in South Korea

Main collaborators: karen Krolak, a staircase, chopsticks & lots of balls of yarn

Premiered at the A4 O2O exhibit at CICA in South Korea from April 14 – May 1 2016

Following in the quirky tradition of instruction based art, I created a knitting pattern/personal essay after a particularly impressive tumble this winter. I will openly admit I had no idea what to do with this strange document as I created it and was flabbergasted when I happened upon the call for the A4 O2O exhibit  the day before the deadline. To quote from the curator, Leejin Kim:
“Instruction-based art can be traced back to Conceptual Art in the 1960s. Now, in our digital age, instructions have become the fundamental structures of our systems: a chain of commands is instantly produced, and it becomes visible, tactile, and ubiquitous. We aim to be an “O2O (Online to Offline) system” that can produce “instructions” as art and make them come alive in our online and offline spaces.”

I applied on a late night whim and was positively stunned when they invited my work in.

It is an honor to be presented alongside:

Daniel Chong
정지수 Jisoo Chung
Erik Austin Deerly
Hunter Elliott
Bethany Hargrove
장영은 Pinky Jang
Sam Radford
Ryan J Rasmussen
Nuno Vicente
YUNRUBIN (Joanne Pang & Jonas Rubin)

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