Luminarium SPORK

Main collaborators: karen Krolak, Luminarium, Merli Guerra, Kim Holman, Nicole Harris, Monkeyhouse, Multicultural Arts Center

After Luminarium’s lush performance of Spectral at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA on Friday, October 30, I  led a rousing SPORK . Monkeyhouse created SPORKS to fork out questions and stir up conversations about choreography. Among the many tidbits that we learned in between fits of laughter:

  1. Kim’s and Merli’s momentous imaginations are fueled mostly by fro-yo.
  2. Kim’s rehearsals for the Rabbit Hole Cycles were dictated by how much lighting equipment she could carry into Green St Studios each week and apparently she can cart in tons more stuff than you might expect.
  3. Merli spent five hours over two months just driving to JoAnn Fabrics in greater New England to acquire 4 10 yard lengths of black satin. And please do not try to tell her that 8 yards plus 2 yards can still be 10 yards.
  4. Trying to lift someone that you can not see while being engulfed in 40 yards of fabric is not for the faint of heart. (But it is still a much better idea than trying to lift said dancer with three poles under all that fabric.)
  5. Do not try to use white out as make up!!!

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