Main Collaborators: Jason Ries & karen Krolak
Premiered at sixth annual Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit from September 5 to November 22, 2015 at Pingree School campus, South Hamilton, MA

For over a decade now, Jason and I have been translating our adventures together into interdisciplinary creations that twist movement, lighting, fibers, ideas, and text into ephemeral metaphors about connections and communities. As award-winning artists in our separate media, we relish collaborations that stretch us beyond our comfort zones and prompt us to learn about other forms and traditions. While our dance theater creations have been presented in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, and throughout New England, this is our first foray into a living sculpture.

Familluminottri is a quizzical exploration of our idiosyncratic evolutions. Blending familial fact and fiction, we ask questions about what it means to graft branches of history together. The process used in building this piece is integral to what can be observed in the final product, just as the process of building a home is a never ending journey. This ongoing, site-specific piece responds to the elements with strange fruit that subtly alter over time

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